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From humble beginnings as a family business nestled in the heart of The Valley of a Thousand Hills in rural KwaZulu-Natal in 1988, SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd has grown into a reputable multi-channel pharma business.

SA Natural Products has three core focus areas:

SA Natural Products, we bring quality life to the world.


SANP Head Office

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SANP & PharmaForce

P.O. Box 3988
Halfway House

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SANP Western Cape

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The SA Natural Product’s CME Portal

From here you can access CMEs aimed at enhancing your knowledge of natural products and the scientific research behind them.

By undertaking these CMEs we hope you will gain a better understanding of various natural OTC products and the role they can play in your practice to assist in managing your patients’ day to day health problems.

Living Naturally Academy

The Living Naturally Academy, an education initiative brought to you by SA Natural Products. The Living Naturally Academy was formed when it became clear to the company that pharmacy and health food store staff often had very little formal training in natural products, the philosophies behind them and how they can be applied for various common health problems presented by customers.


Various surveys among pharmacy and health food store staff confirm that knowledge of natural products is lacking despite receiving informal training from medical and sales representatives, importantly these surveys all confirm that both pharmacy and health food store staff are keen to expand their knowledge on natural remedies so as to be able to educate their customers and offer them a high quality service.

The course

The Living Naturally Academy course offers far more than a simple product training exercise; although training on products offered by SA Natural Products is included, a significant proportion of the training is aimed at providing the participant with a deeper understanding of health & disease and ways in which to promote and prevent these respectively through diet, lifestyle and natural remedies. The course also includes basic, applied anatomy and physiology as well as an understanding of common ailments they may encounter when dealing with customers.

With a richer and deeper understanding of how to maintain and restore health naturally we believe that those who have completed the Living Naturally Academy course will have the advantage of offering their customers a more holistic and qualitative service and more effectively utilize the wonderful offering of natural products which are available.

Visit: The Living Naturally Academy

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