Your gums should never be a problem

“Can you do anything for teeth?” came the frantic call.

“What is wrong with your teeth?” I asked used to people asking for help without offering the full background to their problem.

“Oh. Well, you see, I’ve just been to the dentist and he says I need an operation on my gums. He said something about me having a gum disease which causes  an infection at the root of my teeth. I am so worried! He said I will lose all my teeth if this gum disease is not cut out. Apart from the cost to do this operation, I just don’t even want to think  about  the  idea  of  someone  cutting  into  my  gums,  scraping  away  the  infection  and  then  stitching  them  back again!” She started to cry.

“Please do come in to see me. That way we can get all your details, then I can see if we can do something to help you”, I offered gently, to help her calm down.

“But do you think you can help?” she persisted.

“I have treated this sort of problem in the past. I can guarantee nothing. If I cannot help, I’ll tell you so”, I reassured her. With that an appointment was scheduled for 3 days later.

She had long brown hair, parted at the side, falling softly to her shoulders. Her brown eyes were troubled. “I didn’tt know this was even going on in my mouth! I had no pain. Just sometimes, when I ate something hard, my mouth would feel a bit sore. The only other sign I had was a tendency for my gums to bleed when I washed or flossed my teeth.  Sometimes  I  also  had  like  a  funny  bad  taste  in  my  mouth.  I  am  meticulous  with  my  mouth  hygiene”,  she started  to  get  all  nervous  again.  “Now  I  could  lose  all  my  teeth!  Just  feel  so  scared”,  she  ended  up  in  a  sobbing plea.

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