You simply cannot do without it

There are a few things I simply cannot do without. Whenever I pack to visit somewhere, first, my homoeopathic bag with  remedies  must  be  included.  My  trusted  bottle  of  Thursday  Plantation  100%  Tea  Tree  Oil  is  a  must,  with  my camera  and  film  being  next  in  line.  These  items  ensure  that  I  can  go  anywhere,  and  keep  well  and  return  with  a record of good memories!

The Tea Tree Oil is an absolute must to keep away insects on a camping trip. If they succeed in biting you, the very same  oil will  treat  the  bite  in  no  time  at  all.  Tea  Tree Oil  stops  the  itching  immediately  due  to  its  mild  anaesthetic properties.

Burns  can  ruin  even  the  best  made  plans.  Tea  Tree  Oil  100%  is  never  far  away  when  we are  making  a  fire  for  a braai or while cooking in the kitchen. A few weeks back I  removed the lid of a casserole pot to add vegetables to the  contents  when  the  steam  escaped  and  burnt  me  on  the  inside  of  my  wrist.  Very  painful!  I  rushed  to  the bathroom,  poured  100%  Thursday  Plantation  Tea  Tree  Oil  onto  a  wad  of  cotton  wool  and  applied  it  to  the  area. Within seconds the intense burning pain had subsided. I kept the cotton wool soaked with Tea Tree Oil on the burn overnight.  There  was  no  pain,  no  blistering;  only  a  brown  patch  of  dried  skin  remained.  This  gradually  peeled  off over  a  few  days,  leaving  the  skin  perfectly  healed.  Once  the  effectiveness  of  Tea  Tree  Oil  on  burns  has  been experienced, you will never leave home without it!

In the warm, humid climate of Durban, Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections on the skin are very common. The regular use of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Cream after bath, shower  or swimming will reduce the outbreak and control  secondary  infections  which  could  be  caused  by  scratching.  Remember  to  apply  Thursday  Plantation  Tea Tree Cream in the groin area to reduce chafing when exercising or running. Very often women complain of rashes under  the  breasts  and  also  under  the  arms  after  shaving.  These  rashes  are  usually  caused  by  irritation  or  by chafing  and  can  be  cleared  rapidly  by  using  Thursday  Plantation  Tea  Tree  Cream  after  having  a  bath  or  applied frequently through the day to bring relief.

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