Winters’ tale

We were sitting at the water’s edge, having a drink after a relaxing walk. The winter sky had a depth of blue which was  breathtaking.  The  warm  sun  drew  us  into  the  open,  away  from  the  confines  of  indoors.  A  few  fishermen  had settled  next  to  the  dam,  baiting  their  hooks  against  the  backdrop  of  snow  capped  mountains  reflected  in  the  still water surface. It made the moment seem like a picture book. The discussion we were having was far removed from the serene natural beauty.

“I  think  the  best way  to  get  my  teenage son  to stop  listening  to  rappers  like  Eminem  is  to make him aware of  the possible motive which these angry young artists might have. I take him into music shops to show him the covers of these CDs.  Some  of these covers show  sinister  pictures  of babies  being  eaten by  giant cockroaches. On most of them there is always a picture of a young boy somewhere in the corner, almost like a sublime message to attract young boys. I don’t think I can get him to abandon his music just because I dislike it. After all, in my youth my father banned the Beatles’ music, but we still listened to it when he wasn’t around. I suppose he will do the same. Maybe it is a generation thing!”

He was trying to rationalise away his fears and his deeper knowledge of what could be harmful to his son. His eyes reflected his feeling of powerlessness. This is most probably what sparked my response.

“Difference is, today these rappers and bands of young male artists target young teenage boys as their market. A recent  study  published  in  Time  Magazine  tried  to  establish  the  connection  or  not  between  young  males  who  go onto shooting sprees in schools and their love of these lyrics. As with most human behaviour, nothing definite can ever  be  established  due  to  the  many  variables  in  society.  However,  the  preference  young  males  have  for  make- believe war games, whether in movies, videos, TV games or computer games, together with the constant exposure to  violent  lyrics  of  why  they  should  hate  God,  their  parents  and  whoever  else  is  on  the  list,  does  not  make  for  a calm and productive teenager who is testosterone filled as it is. If he was my son, he would be dealt with with more authority  than  reason.  Few  youngsters  can  differentiate  between  good  and  bad,  that  is  what  a  parent  should  be teaching them.”

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