Where the spirit leads, the body follows

She  greeted  me  with  a  warm,  firm  handshake.  Strange,  the  rituals  we  have  as  humans!  The  first  introduction  of hands shaking, eyes meeting, carries far more weight in our acceptance or rejection of one another. There was an instant  liking  towards  her.  She  wore  her  years  well.  I  was  quietly  surprised  when  she  gave  her  age,  80  plus!  Her voice was strong, her gaze clear.

“I have come to you so you can help me to live to 130 years!” she laughed. Her face broke into an easy smile with a very attractive, pretty crinkling of the  cheeks. Confidently she continued.  “I am absolutely well. I do not use any medication for my wellbeing. I do have a cousin who is a dietician who has been sending me cases of supplements for years! Those I do take. What is your opinion about supplementation, if I may ask?” She merrily chatted.

“Personally, I prefer people to supplement their diets with as natural substances as possible. Vegetable juices are a personal favourite of mine. Most people will benefit from the use of carrot, beetroot, celery, cucumber and parsley juice. Plants are crammed full of amazing healing qualities which are easily absorbed. It should also be mentioned that coloured vegetables, especially yellow, orange, red and green, carry most of the antioxidants we need to clean the body cells of free radicals. In this way the cells can rid themselves of toxic wastes in a way designed by nature. Maybe you have already thought about this, but it is worth a mention. Grains, seeds, nuts and proteins can be seen as the energy givers in the body. They keep us activated and energetic. Vegetables and fruits, juicy and beautifully coloured, are the cleansers of the wastes in the body. Bowels are kept clean as well as body cells. Most people eat far too many energy foods and too little cleansing foods.” We exchanged thoughts in a lovely relaxed way.

“So, you are not entirely in favour of chemical supplementation? If I listen to your reasoning, it does make a lot of sense.  Isn’t  it  true,  however,  that  our  vegetables  and  fruits  have  less  to  offer  us  than  before.  They  say  the  way these foods are grown and refrigerated, a lot of goodness is lost. How true do you think that is? She asked.

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