When life happens

“Could  you  please  give  me  something  to  help  my  daughter  to  sleep  on  her  flight  to  Europe?”  came  the  request. Nothing  unusual  about  it.  Every  day  people  need  to  feel  calm  before  flying,  or,  writing  a  test.  Or  getting  married! They don’t want to use tranquilisers necessarily, as they normally cope fine. The effect of tranquilizers is also not enjoyed by many people. They like to feel bright and vital, which of course the effects of the drug often diminish.

Homoeopathically  there  are  many  remedies  for  anxiety  and  fear.  The  use  of  Rescue  Remedy  at  a  time  of  shock and  trauma  has  brought  great  relief  to  many  people.  Some  people  even  sleep  better  when  using  this  comforting remedy. It should be in every person’s pocket or bag as you never know what might happen. Rescue Remedy used immediately when traumatised is quite miraculous. I remember once, a few years ago, when I was experiencing a lot of emotional anguish, together with the onset of menopause, how Rescue Remedy helped me cope through the days and nights.

Aconite, a wonderful homoeopathic remedy for panic, is quick acting and very effective. This is a remedy which is used  for  conditions  of  the  mind  or  body  which  come  on  suddenly.  The  one  moment  the  person  is  fine,  the  next moment,  suddenly  there  could  be  a  panic  attack  or  sudden  pain.  Aconite  has  been  used  for  many  years  by homoeopaths to bring order in the lives of people. Aconite is found in Dr Vogel’s remedy, Influaforce, which is  for the symptoms of influenza. We all know how suddenly ‘flu can strike!

“Since  the  start  of  the  war  with  Iraq  and  the  terrorist  attacks  in  America,  I  have  not  been  able  to  relax  while travelling.  Just  maybe  something  dreadful  could  happen.”  This  is  a  sentence  which  I  hear  more  and  more.  The effect on the sense of security of most people by a world where values differ so much, and violence seems like a solution,  creates  releases  of  stress  hormones,  resulting  in  insomnia,  lack  of  libido,  exhaustion,  susceptibility  to illnesses, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, to name but a few.

For many people there is no way out. They have to live in countries associated with the war or America. They have to  commute  to  do  their  work.  These  people  opt  for  either  a  fatalistic  approach  of  whatever  will  be  will  be,  or  they become frantic with order and control, trying to ensure an outcome which would favour them.

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