What I cannot live without

“From  the  very  first  application,  I  felt  relief.  My  skin  sort  of  relaxed!”  She  gave  me  a  wide  smile  as  she  lifted  her heavy breast gently with both hands. The skin underneath her breast, which had been horribly inflamed, oozing thin liquid when I had seen it 2 weeks prior, now had a healthy light pink brand new skin covering. “Even my husband has  started  using  the  cream  on  his  rash  around  his  groin  area.  You  know  how  men  can  struggle  with  an  itch  in summer! He says the cream cools and sooths as he applies it, immediately relieving the irritation and itch. I think I must  get  2  bottles  today!”  By  now,  she  had  dressed  again,  happily  chatting  away  about  all  the  different  uses  of Thursday  Plantation  Tea  Tree  Cream.  Her  plump,  short  little  fingers  struggled  through  her  permed  hair,  brushing the slightly damp curls from her forehead.

“I  remembered  what  you  said  about  burns  and  how  good  the  cream  will  be  for  it.  Now,  my  little  grand-daughter, bless her, came to stay a few days with Gran and Oups; you know how these kids can stay in the swimming pool! That night her  little shoulders and face were bright red and so painful. At first I was a little worried to put this Tea Tree Cream onto her, you know. If it is your own child you can take a chance, but suppose she reacted or got sick from  the cream,  my  son and  his  wife  will  never  let her  visit  again”,  she  told  in a  confidential way, sitting back  into the chair while tugging at the hem of her bright floral dress. Her plump little ankles sat a little to the back to balance her sitting position. “So, I just put a little of the Tea Tree Cream onto her shoulders. Immediately she could feel the relief.  ‘Some  more,  Gran!’  Well,  for  the  rest  of  the  night  it  was  me  and  the  cream,  putting  it  on  every  time  her sunburn  felt  worse!  Shame,  she  is  such  a  little  sweetie.  Next  day  she  was  back  in  the  water.  With  all  we  know about skin cancer  and all, I went and bought a sun block and got her a very nice hat. The sun block she allowed me to put on, the hat ended up in the pool!” She was headlong into her favourite hobby; chatting about her children, her home, and her grandchildren.

“She is so smart, this little granddaughter of mine ! While I was rubbing her shoulders and face with the Tea Tree Cream,  she  picked  up  the  bottle  and  started  to  read  the  label.‘Why  is  it  called  Thursday  Plantation  Tea  Tree Cream,  Gran?  That  is  a  funny  name!’  Now  tell  me,  do  you  know  why  it  is  called  Thursday  Plantation  Tea  Tree Cream?’”  Her  round  little  eyes  looked  small  in  her  chubby  face.  They  had  a  sweet  expression,  so  often  seen  in granny eyes.

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