What are you giving attention to?

During the past few weeks I have had a few interesting patients to remind me of the profound effect the mind has on the body. This connection has been known, if not understood, for many years.

Within the medical framework, doctors have recognised the typical type ‘A’ patient. The personality and character of these patients causes them to be very high performance orientated. They can be workaholics with a tendency to be  critical  of  other  people’s  efforts,  believing  that  only  they  can  do  the  job  properly.  They  have  a  tendency  to  get high  blood  pressure,  stomach  ulcers  and  heart  attacks.  They  are  usually  male,  but,  as  women  enter  more  and more into the workplace, many women can also be seen to become type ‘A’ patients.

These  people  are  not  easy  to  live  with.  They  can  be  as  demanding  on  their  friends  and  family  as  they  are  on themselves.  They  push  their  demands  and  desires  through,  regardless.  To  help  these  people  to  slow  down  is  no easy task. They often become high achievers to overcome a deep sense of inadequacy. They feel worthy as long as  they  can perform  or deliver  on  the material  level,  often  surrounding  themselves  with  the outward signs  of  their hard work in good homes, cars, their children at good schools.

Not all people who are achievers are as self destructive as type ‘A’. There are many successful people who have learnt  to  be  balanced  in  their  approach  to  life  and  their  expectations  of  themselves.  They  know  how  to  pace themselves, excelling in their profession, while they will make the time to smell the roses.

He  was  a  well-dressed,  neat  young  man.  His  face  was  open  and  friendly.  “I  suffer  with  chronic  high  blood pressure”,  he  said.  “I  am  having  to  take  more  and  more  medication  which  is  causing  many  side  effects,  without much success in controlling the condition.” He said this with a type of apologetic smile, as if he was to blame that the medication was not controlling the blood pressure. ”You have been recommended. Maybe you can help me, I hope.” He smiled a wide, warm smile as he concluded his sentence.

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