Visiting Bio-Strath

I  did  not  feel good at  all!  The  day  before,  on  a boat  trip  on  Lake  Lucerne in  Switzerland,  I  had shared some  food with a friend. I became violently ill and she was fine! The curious reality of different people with differing reactions to pathogens! All night I had a high fever with intense nausea and stomach cramps. The next morning I got going with  extreme  effort.  We  had  to  be  in  Zurich,  approximately  2  hours  by  train,  for  a  lunchtime  meeting  with  the manufacturers of Bio-Strath Herbal Yeast Elixir. I need this like a hole in the head!

I always travel with a complete first aid kit of homoeopathic remedies. It is more or less the first thing I check and pack  when  I  go  on  a  trip.  I  don’t  know  what  I  would  have  done  had  I  not  had  access  to  my  willing  little  helpers. That’s how I think of my vials of little white pillules, privately!

Nux Vomica turned out to be the remedy to keep me going while it relieved most of the symptoms of bloating and nausea.   I   felt   extremely   restless,   wanting   to   move   about   constantly.   This   is   a   typical   keynote   symptom   of Arsenicum  Album,  a  terrific  remedy  for  food  poisoning.  Taking  the  Arsenicum  Album  in  the  morning,  and  then starting the Nux Vomica after 2pm, I felt I could try to face our hosts in Zurich.

We were collected at the train-station by a 40-odd year old man, who looked younger than his age, who took us on a  regional  train-line  to  the  outskirts  of  Zurich.  The  offices  of  Bio-Strath  were  situated  on  the  2nd  floor  of  a  typical European  office  block,  bedecked  with  baskets  of  fragrant  geraniums  on  every  window  sill.  In  a  friendly,  polite correct Swiss way, we were invited into the offices which he told us were manned by 3 people only. Between them they  provided  all  the  services  to  local  and  overseas  clients,  ensuring  that  their  products  got  onto  the  shelves  of pharmacies and health food stores as efficiently as possible.

Even  in  my  hazy  state  of  mind,  swinging  between  sudden  fever  and  nausea  and  pain  in  the  front  of  my  head,  I could not help but marvel at the work ethic of these people. Nobody is elevated to answer the phone, or to pick up the  broom,  if  need  be.  No  wonder  the  standard  of  living  in  Switzerland,  whether  urban  or  rural,  is  of  such  a  high standard. People take pride in what they do and in their surroundings. Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Switzerland will remember the rolling green pastures, neat and devoid of even one plastic bag! So, there we were, visiting an international company, who produces  and manages a popular herbal tonic with the minimum of cost in labour! Coming from our fair land of South Africa, I wondered what other surprises they would have in store for us.

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