Unwanted gifts

“Sometimes life gives you things you do not want. In spite of not wanting it, you get it anyway.” She said this with the surety only an 80 year old can have.

“So what do you do with stuff or things or events life gives you, even if you don’t want it?” I asked while I walked towards the kitchen, holding the mobile phone to my ear.

“Well, I find a place to put it! I don’t carry it around with me all day and all night. I just find a place to put it while I get on with other things in my life. I know it is where I have put it; I have not thrown it away. It just sits there where I put it,  until  I  know  what  I want  to  do with  it.”  She gave a  little  sigh,  emphasising  the  feeling she  has when she  has  to deal with life’s unwanted gifts.

“Try to do this now. You are going through a difficult time my child. I think of you so much. As your mother I know that you would never have wanted events to have turned out the way they have. Your children all are very dear to you.  Never  forget  that  you  reared  them.  You  must  now  trust  what  you  have  taught  them.  Look  at  all  the  other blessings in your life. Rather pick them up and have them close to you as you deal with your unwanted gift put onto the mantelpiece.”

She  was  trying  to  encourage  me  as  only  a  mother  can.  Her  concern  and  love  for  me  came  through  her  voice, punctuated   by   a   sign   of   helplessness.   Many   years   before   she   had   said   to   me,   “Eventually   we   all   become spectators to our children’s lives. You cannot interfere; you can just observe and pray.”

She had raised her own children under difficult financial circumstances. Now into the final lap of her earthlife, she can speak from experience. The joys, the sadness, the concern etched onto a face which still reflects the beauty of her youth.

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