Toffee apples and popcorn

“You must be freezing!”, I said as she walked into the shop. We were all dressed warmly to ward off the icy Hillcrest wind, while she wore a T-shirt and jeans.

“I had forgotten how cold it can be up here!”, she responded with a warm smile. “You must be Irma who writes for the  Sunday  newspaper.  I  read  your  story  about  your  granddaughter’s  horse  who  died.  Oh!  It  made  me  cry.  I’ve always wanted to see your shop, so I decided to come out today. What a lovely place you have here”, she chatted with  ease  and  charm.  “I  see  you  are  doing  a  tissue  salt  course  every  Saturday  afternoon.  I  would  have  loved  to attend! But Saturdays are difficult for me as we do shows on that day.” She had a friendly, kind way about her, with honey-blonde hair at shoulder length. She walked in a confident way, comfortable in herself. She looked trim and fit for her age.

“What shows do you do?” I warmed towards her.

“I work in the circus. I take care of the animals and whoever else might need help”, she replied.

“The circus?! How do you take care of the animals?”, I wanted to know.

“Well, I use Bach Flower Remedies and tissue salts to help them. I once treated an elephant with the homeopathic remedy,  Hepar  Sulph,  which  miraculously  cleared  up  his  abscesses.  Since  then,  everybody  thinks  I  can  work magic! They beat a straight line to my door for help!” She laughed in a feminine, charming way.

“So,  you  treat  the  circus  animals  with  homeopathy.  I  love  it!  Animals  respond  amazingly  well  to  homeopathic remedies. Even the dreaded horse sickness can be successfully treated with specific remedies. I think animals and babies  make  the  best  candidates  for  homeopathic  treatment.  They  have  good  vitality  and  are  present  in  the moment, essential components for homeopathic medicine to do its wonders!” I enjoyed our exchange of thoughts. “How is your granddaughter? I am sure she will be sad for a long time. The connection we make with horses is so very  special.  Why  don’t  you  bring  her  to  see  a  show?”,  she  offered  an  invitation  while  expressing  her  concern. “While  I’m  here;  I’ve  got  a  very  grumpy  pig  at  the  circus.  And  there  is  also  a  miniature  horse  which  eats  far  too much. His tummy bloats and rumbles! What can I do for them?”

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