Thursday plantation tea tree oil finds its way to South Africa

What  you  wish  for  occasionally  comes  true!  I  have  always  dreamed  of  watching  Wimbledon  Tennis  centre  court, eating  strawberries  and  cream!  Great  was  my  delight  when  this  happened  to  me  in  the  middle  80’s.  We  had  a wonderful,  memorable  experience  at  the  game  and  headed  back  to  London  to  watch  a  few  shows,  my  travelling partner’s  passion  in  life.  While  in  London,  as  usual  I  could  not  keep  out  of  Health  Food  Stores!  Whilst  browsing through the ranges upon ranges of products never heard of in South Africa then, I came across a shelf with body care  products  which  immediately  caught  my  attention.  It  was  a  range  of  Tea  Tree  Oil  products  from  Australia; shampoo,  conditioner,  body  lotion,  oil,  toothpaste.  I  knew  about  Tea  Tree  Oil  and  had  read  a  few  books  on  the properties of this remarkable plant.

Tea  Tree  Oil,  or  as  it  is  known  botanically,  Melaleuca  Alternafolia,  has  the  ability  to  heal  just  about  anything  that could happen to the skin, or in the mouth. The authors of the books on Tea Tree Oil called it a miracle medicinal plant and a medicine kit in a bottle which was very well known only in Australia where it is indigenous. It is said that during World War II the Australian Army issued every soldier, as part of their kit, a bottle of this oil for cuts, stings, bites and burns. Prior to this visit I tried a different brand in South Africa but was disappointed with the results; Tea Tree Oil was supposed to have a strong anaesthetic effect when applied to gums or fever blisters on the mouth, yet I found the oil I tried hardly had any effect. In fact, it smelt distinctly like eucalyptus oil.

I  bought  as  many  of  the  Tea  Tree  oil  products  as  our  baggage  allowance  would  permit  us  to  return  with  and immediately started using the oil and toothpaste. Wow! As I dropped a little oil onto my toothbrush and toothpaste, I could smell the difference. Maybe I had finally discovered the true medicinal Tea Tree Oil. Since then, brushing my teeth has taken on a new meaning. I was, and still am, impressed with how squeaky clean my teeth are after every brush. Gargling after brushing my teeth with a drop of Tea Tree Oil in a mouthful of water has kept me free of sore throats and laryngitis ever since. It took a while to get used to the temporary numb feeling on the inside of my lips which lasts for a few minutes due to the anaesthetic quality of the oil. Now I don’t even notice it!

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