The wonder of calcium

The little boy had friendly blue eyes. His blonde hair was framing his face in little curls. At the back of his neck the damp hair was even curlier! He sat quite contented on his mother’s lap. Every so often he turned around to look up at her face while she was telling me about him.

He had constant colds and coughs; always a runny nose. As soon as he became ill, his chest would play up. She can’t  remember  that  he  was  ever  well  for  longer  than  a  few  weeks.  She  had  done  the  rounds  of  doctors  and paediatricians.  Most  of  the  time  he  was  given  antibiotics  and  decongestants.  These  helped  while  he  was  taking them.  Once  the  medication  finished,  it  wasn’t  long  before  the  symptoms  reappeared.  She  wanted  to  try  another solution to his problem.

His diet was very typical. Fruit juices, cereals, milk, yoghurt, bread, pasta, ice cream and sweets virtually on a daily basis. He ate fresh fruit sometimes; fresh vegetables very rarely and never drank water. She thought he was eating quite well! After all, she tried to buy food without tartrazine and preservatives! I could see we had a lot of talk about.

I have always been fascinated to find that children who have this type of diet, will have a tendency to sweat, mostly on their heads, and also that they will get repeated infections. Sometimes the tonsils become chronically inflamed and pussy. The connecting point from diet to body ailments lies in their deficiency, in particular, in calcium.

When  calcium  is  not  supplied  by  the  diet  on  a  daily  basis,  deficiencies  set  in  rapidly.  Calcium  is  not  readily absorbed from sources other than plant foods. The idea that milk products alone can provide all our calcium needs is  proven  wrong  when  a  patient  such  as  this  little  boy,  who eats  dairy  products  daily,  but  hardly  ever  green,  leafy plants, or a variety of cereals besides wheat, presents with typical symptoms of calcium deficiency. The other idea we have, to link calcium only into how good our bones and teeth are, is way off the mark of just how widely calcium is used in the body besides bones and teeth.

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