The seeds of the future

The sadness of a child will touch the heart. Within their small and vulnerable bodies lies the growing seed of their potential. Many times the person who should be nurturing and watering that seed, is the very person who stands on this holy ground without even realising that the little growth is being trodden into the ground. In many instances the harm done is so big; the child stays crippled in that area for life.

A while back a man in his late years came to ask for help with his breathing. He had been having trouble for a while which was relieved with the usual asthma medication. He was a well-built man, who used to be very active in sport until his breathing interfered with his running. “I don’t want to keep on increasing my medication” was his request. it was clear that this man was more tense and reserved than most people his age. When asking questions relating to family  and  personal  matters,  he  faltered,  saying,  “I  am  a  difficult  person  to  live  with.  Most  of  the  people  in  town know I can be rather rude and abrupt”. Yet, when he spoke of his grandchildren, the softness in his eyes and the tone of his voice told another story. His sense of responsibility to those close to him prevented him from being his playful self. This is a common defence which happens in people if the child in them had been betrayed or hurt. To try and be in control, they move into their parent adult role, becoming very reliable, protective people. The child in us  also  needs  to  feature  when  living  life.  This  is  where  we  find  inspiration,  spontaneity  and  fun.  The  child  in  us helps us to laugh at life and ourselves. In people, where the child aspect is dominant due to the presence of other people  who  are  willing  to  play  the  part  of  the  parent  to  them,  this  can  cause  untold  frustration.  They  can  change jobs  constantly,  spend  the  rent  money  buying  a  new  outfit  and  most  probably  never  be  on  time  for  anything.  The suppressed child results in a perfectionist, someone who won’t allow themselves to make mistakes and who expect others to be the same. In both extremes, this can cause misery and confusion.

The man in front of me had a terrible childhood where he had to learn to fend for himself before he was 10 years old. In the absence of parents he became his own parent, burying his child, fun aspect. His grandchildren help him to access this hidden part of himself as he did not have to be their parent and he could relax around them. To what extent are we able to heal events in our past? This was the question to ask and ponder on. Homoeopathy is  remarkable  to  assist  with  these  processes.  The  Bach  Flower  remedies  are  even  better  suited  to  help  with ingrained mental and emotional scarring.

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