The rough-handed, strong spirited man

He  limped  as  he  walked  into  my  office.  His  body  looked  frail  for  a  man  his  age.  In  his  40  odd  years  he  has  been places, I thought.

“What is troubling you?” My eyes met his brilliant blue eyes. There was a slight hesitance in how he met my gaze, looking down to his workman’s hands resting in his lap.

“Jis, man, I find it so hard to walk. My knees are packing up. I’m telling you, I’m over the hill. You should see me limping  home  at  night.  Jis,  john,  my  kids  are  just  teasing  me  when  I  moan  and  groan,  hey.  They  say  ‘  Hey  Pa, you’re  sounding  worse  than  an  old  ballie,  man!’  You  know,  the  doctor  has  been  giving  me  injections  for  the  pain, but  he  told  me  I  cannot  keep  on  having  them.  I  need  to  be  on  my  feet  for  my  work,  hey.”  He  rubbed  his  rough hands through his slightly greying hair in a frustrated gesture.

“Tell me where you feel the pain”, I asked in a gentle tone.

“Jong,  it  is  worse  behind  my  knees.  Strange,  hey.  Wow,  why  would  the  pain  be  behind  my  knees?  I  mean,  you would think that my knee caps would be sore from all the kneeling and squatting when I work. Not so! Look, I can move my knees around; I can even push hard on them with no pain. Just let me try to walk, man, then the pain is something else. Do you think I have arthritis? You know, my other has bad arthritis. I send her money regularly in the  old  age  home  to  buy  ointments  and  stuff  for  her  knees.  Shame.”  His  voice  trailed  into  a  worry,  concerned downturn. His affection for his other was very touching. “Jis, she doesn’t deserve to suffer like this in her old age. We  were  a  few  children  and  the  old  man  liked  his  dop.  She  worked  dam  hard  to  keep  us  all  together”.  He  was talking  more  to  himself  than  telling  me.  His  blue  eyes,  now  a  little  sad,  came  back  to  rest  on  his  folded  rough workman’s hands.

“Let’s  have  a  look  at  the  iris”  I  said  as  I  got  up  to  look  into  his  eyes  with  my  magnifying  glass.  The  iris  diagnosis clearly indicated a very acidic system, but also problems relating to his urine-genital tract. Do you have to get up at night to pass urine?” I wanted to know.

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