The long story of the short distance from the stomach to the nose

“There won’t be enough time for me to tell you the full story”, she said, as she walked into my office. “Too much has happened! I have made a few notes to remind myself of the things I must mention to you”, she carried on talking as she  started  to  dig  in  her  handbag  to  find  the  notes.  “I  have  had  more  than  4  courses  of  antibiotics  together  with nose-sprays and other antihistamines. Then last year, my sinuses got so bad I ended up in hospital on a drip! The ear,  nose  and  throat  specialist  said  I  should  have  a  sinus  operation,  which  he  did.  For  a  long  time  after  the operation I was very ill, having to go back into hospital for tests and more treatment. All in all, this has cost me tens of thousands of rands. It’s not about the mouth so much as it is about the fact that I still am not any better. Now the specialist wants to operate and drain the sinus cavities yet again! I just said NO!

Her  voice  had  a  ring  of  desperation  to  it.  Her  well  cut  dark  hair  was  falling  in  a  shiny  cascade  over  her  attractive face.  She  wore  pretty,  shiny  sandals,  pink  toenails  peeking  out  of  the  front.  Her  sari  was  of  exquisite  indigo coloured  silky  material.  She  spoke  in  a  well  modulated  tone  of  voice  which  instantly  gave  the  impression  of  a background of privilege and class. “I have always  had a liking and a belief in all things natural. Now I want to get myself  back  to  good  health  with  a  good  diet  and  whatever  else  might  be  needed  to  clear  up  this  problem”,  she concluded her brief outline of her sinus condition.

If  it  was  only this  easy!  I  thought  to  myself.  In  my  experience,  most  people  who  suffer  from  sinus  discharges,  will most probably also have a disordered digestive system. This could present itself as indigestion, flatulence, irritable bowel  syndrome,  spastic  colon,  constipation,  diarrhoea  or  just  an  uncomfortable  feeling  in  the  stomach.  The  link between sinus disorders, which I prefer to call mucous discharges and poor digestion, is well known. Ever had the experience  of drinking a  glass  of  milk or  eating  cheese  or  bread,  and  finding  the  need  to clear  your  throat  from  a mucous drip for a while thereafter? That is more or less what I am talking about.

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