The bounty of nature

“I know about that stuff you just told him about … ”

She tried to recall the name and pronunciation of Echinaforce. I was sitting with her in her office, discussing finance for a car I had just bought. .”Echinaforce is the name of the herbal medicine I was telling the salesman to take to keep well through autumn and winter.” I helped her to remember. “Yes! That’s it! Ag! I use it all the time. Very good. It gets rid of any sniff or sneeze in a day or two!” she enjoyed telling me. Her big, brown eyes lively and shiny. This was  another  way  for  her  to  bond  with  her  prospective  customer,  I  thought!  The  salesman  was  listening  to  our conversation, standing in the doorway.

“That is why you look so good! You know all about these good natural remedies to keep well!”, he said, with a wide beautiful  smile.  Very  charming,  very  typically  helpful,  excellent,  successful,  salesperson.  I  left  feeling  as  if  the people  there  would  do  their  best  for  me.  Hopefully  when  people  leave  my  office  they  do  feel  the  same;  natural medicines can only do their best for you. Strange how you come across people in all different places who are also passionate about the bounty of nature. How wonderfully uplifting it is to engage in mutual stories of how they, and those they know, have been cured and helped by taking a natural potion of some sort.

I remember a lady very petite and tiny, who suffered so much with constant attacks of bronchitis she looked grey in the face. One day, she asked in an enquiring way if there wasn’t something she could take to build up her depleted immune  system.  She  was  so  short  that  looking  up  to  me  to  see  my  face,  she  had  to  tilt  her  head  right  back.  Her voice had the lovely softness of her Scottish heritage.

“Yes!” I answered, and walked to the A Vogel range of medicines. “You need to start taking Echinaforce daily for a long time. This herbal medicine was the flagship product in Dr Vogel’s Swiss clinic. People came from far and wide to  get  hold  of  a  bottle  of  this  preparation  made  from  fresh  plants.  Even  today  the  Bioforce  company  prepares Echinaforce according to the recipe of A Vogel!” I told her with conviction.

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