The body never lies

“I  am  going  to  have  the  wart  taken  off  my  finger.  The  homoeopathic  remedies  we  have  tried  are  not  effective.”  I looked  at  the  young  woman,  reflecting  on  the  possible  causes  for  this  persistent  wart.  I  knew  that  homoeopathic treatments for warts are so effective and yet, this one sat there obstinately. From experience I knew this normally meant  that  something  else  was  wrong;  the  wart  was  growing  on  the  finger  relating  to  endocrine  function  “How regular are your periods?” I asked. “Fine, I never have any problems”, she answered. The little furrow between her eyebrows and the look in her eyes told me that she was suspicious of what was really wrong.

She  had  a  good  grounding  in  natural  living  and  was  an  example  to  many  with  her  eating  habits  and  regular supplementation.  The  only  medical  assistance  came  with  the  birth  of  her  two  daughters.  I  suggested  that  she consult with her GP. Suddenly I found myself saying, “While  you are there, have a pap smear done”. As I uttered the words, my heart started pounding and my stomach pulled into a knot. Somehow I just knew in that moment that this  was  the  beginning  of  something  that  would  change  both  our  lives.  “You  might  need  a  hysterectomy  if  the results prove  to  be unfavourable”. Where  did  that  come  from?  She  returned a while  later  to say she will have  the pap results in a few days time. There was an eerie, silent communication going on between us. Somehow we both

I was travelling in my car to celebrate a friend’s birthday when my cellphone rang. I stopped. Her voice was shaky and thin – “They told me I have cancer of the cervix. I have to see a specialist. I might need an operation”. It felt as if someone had sucked all the air out of my lungs. With difficulty I tried to keep my voice calm,”Not to worry, we’ll take care of you. See you in a few minutes at the restaurant.” I pressed the ‘off’ button on the phone.

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