The body has its seasons

It’s  that  time  of  the  year.  As  the  leaves  turn  to  browns  and  yellows,  the  air  gets  a  different  feel  to  it.  Duvets  are taken out of the cupboard and the sheepskin slippers find cold feet to warm. Autumn has set in. Winter  is around the corner.

This  is  the  time  of  year  when  nature  discards  old  leaves,  making  way  for  the  new,  weather  patterns  change, allowing nature to stay in balance. After a summer of vigorous growth and bearing fruit, winter must follow to slow down energies and to re-group for the coming season.

In a similar way, the human body, being part of nature, goes through the same process. Days become shorter with less sunlight to sustain our cells. The need for warmer food and drinks take us indoors. Early nights follow as we need  more  sleep  going  through  autumn  and  winter.  The  body  will  also  discard  accumulated  toxicity  from  over-indulgence in summer, preparing itself to stay lean and strong through the colder months, via mucous discharges, fevers, colds and flu’s.

What  a  pity  that  we  have  forgotten  how  to  respond  to  our  internal  clock  by  slowing  down,  keeping  warm  and allowing  our  bodies  to  come  to  peace. Instead  of  having  a  quiet evening  with music  or  books,  we  opt  for  endless television viewing. Home entertainment has become so sophisticated in reproducing sound and colour, it is almost impossible to shut down the noise in the house. Go outside on a winter’s night and hear the silence being kept by birds  and  other  animals.  They  flow  with  the  seasons  in  a  way  which  makes  them  one  with  nature.  Man  and  his demands  of  a  never-ending  noisy  environment  is  everything  which  goes  against  the  grain.  Mall  activities  boom  in winter.  As  people  group  together,  they  increase  their  chances  of  becoming  ill.  No  wonder  the  incidence  of  upper respiratory illnesses increase at an alarming rate through winter.

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