The best of both worlds

“We operate our lives on such a lot of trust,” the thought went through my mind as I willingly opened my mouth for the dentist to do his probing. Strange how dentists ask you questions while your mouth is filled with funny gadgets and part of their hand!

“I  think  we  should  also  take  a  look  at  the  tooth  behind  this  one”,  he  said  to  me,  but  more  to  himself.  “The  X-ray shows  a  tiny  bit  of  trouble.  Have  you  been  eating  sweeties  on  the  quiet?”,  he  asked  in  a  way  you  use  to  get  the truth from a naughty child!

“Uh-uh!” I tried my best to answer, keeping my head still, protecting my innocence.
“Sucking mints …!”, he persisted in a conspiratory tone!
“Uh-uh!!” I said with emphasis on the “Uh!”, a little frown between my eyebrows forming.
“Then  you  have  taken  to  drinking  fruit  juices!”,  he  exclaimed,  triumphant  in  tracking  down  the  source  of  the  little spot of trouble he had found.

My  indignation  surfaced  and  I  managed  to  say  past  his  hands  and  gadgets,  “I  don’t  like  swee’  ‘ings!”  He  calmly carried on with his digging and prodding.

“Then you haven’t been using a mouth wash!”, came his declaration. Subject closed!

While  the  injection  took  hold,  and  the  drill  did  its  cleansing  of  debris  for  the  old  filling  to  be  replaced,  my  silent thoughts  were  kind  and  grateful  to  this  man  who  has  been  part  of  my  health  maintenance  team  since  age  16.  I wondered to myself who else I would trust so completely to ensure that I kept a healthy mouth which is extremely important in one’s general health. No-one came to mind. He has become a cornerstone of trust to me, my children and  now  my  grandchildren.  No  doubt,  one  day  someone  will  fill  his  place,  just  not  yet,  I  hoped  and  prayed.  My thoughts wondered back to our first meeting.

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