The best for you

In spite of all the sources of information regarding health issues, most people are still in the dark. The most basic steps  to  attain  better  health  and  quality  of  life  is  thought  of  as  major  changes  in  lifestyle.  And  here  I  am  talking about  better  breathing  techniques,  drinking  a  little  more  water,  regular  exercise,  and  eating  a  relatively  healthy, moderate  diet  of  vegetables,  fruits,  seeds,  nuts,  dairy  products,  fish,  lamb,  poultry  and  whole  grains.  To  most people this seems like, “Wow! How do you expect me to give up my smoking, drinking, fun-filled life?! What you are proposing is hard work and so boring! No chocolate? You must be joking!”

Until  you  come  across  a  patient,  who  in  spite  of  all  her  good  efforts,  stays  ill.  Her  legs  stay  swollen  and  painful, requiring  regular  painkillers  to  get  through  the  day.  For  most  of  her  life  she  ate  what  she  liked,  gained  excess weight and never bothered to do anything about it. Only when she became symptomatic with pain and oedema did she think to change her lifestyle. As with all things in life, there is a critical point at which change can still happen. If you drive at a certain speed around a corner, you have to correct the direction of the speeding car before getting to a critical point at which an accident is inevitable.

The body is much the same. You need to put a few lifestyle habits in place to prevent inevitable illness. We all have genetic predispositions which will be the weak link in our body systems. Family history can give you a good idea of where your particular weakness might be. What ailments did your grand parents suffer from and what caused their death?  Your  own  parents;  what  are  their  health  problems?  Within  families  you  will  find  heart  disease,  varicose veins,  cancer,  etc.  Be  well  aware  what  genetic  pool  you  came  from.  When  you  know  your  weaknesses  you  can decide what to do about it to strengthen your strengths and also improve your potential.

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