Suppression is never the answer

Sinus congestion is a very common problem amongst various age groups. Even very small children can suffer from a   continuous   nasal   discharge   which   is   then   treated   by   using   antibiotics   and   decongestants.   Very   often   this suppressed  mucous  discharge  develops  into  tonsillitis  and  chronically  swollen  lymph  glands  in  the  neck.  Ear infections can also become more frequent as the child’s immune system becomes weaker due to the suppression on   the   one   side   and   the   over-prescribing   of   antibiotics   on   the   other   side.   Few   sinus   congestions   respond permanently in a positive way to antibiotics. It has a tendency to come back again and again. Why?

This  is  the  best  question  to  ask.  Why  does  my  body  produce  so  much  mucous?  Where  is  it  coming  from?  Some people  say  it  is  an  allergic  reaction  to  house  dust  mites,  others  blame  the  dog  hair  on  the  carpet.  Some  say  it  is caused  by  pollen  in  the  air.  Maybe  it  is  caused  by  stress.  Or,  “My wife’s  perfume  sets  me  off”,  says  another  one. Here and there someone acknowledges that if they drink milk, it causes phlegm at the back of their throat. Another says, “After a weekend of partying with beer and pizza my nose really feels bunged up!”

Most probably the answer lies in a little of all these reasons. It is true that when the immune system is functioning well,  the  body  can  deal  with  most  imbalances.  For  most  people,  their  immune  systems  are  suspect  due  to  poor nutrition, eating foods which have been refined, or by the constant use of drugs to suppress or to dry up the nasal secretions. When the body produces a discharge there is usually some sense in its action. Nasal discharges acts as a fast elimination of toxicity which generally builds up due to poor digestion. How can digestion play a role in a runny nose?

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