Sometimes we can see further

There are days when I feel like I am walking on air! One day this last week a mother brought her little boy back for his  second  visit.  His  constant,  annoying  cough,  which  was  causing  the  whole  family  sleepless  nights,  had  been cleared up within days of starting his treatment. He stood in front of me, a beautiful young boy with a fullness of hair which  accentuated  his  striking  good  looks.  His  grey  eyes  met  mine  full  on.  His  square  little  shoulders  hold  the promise  of  a  strong  physique  as  he  will  grow  up.  He  allowed  me  to  check  his  iris  with  my  magnifying  glass,  not blinking  once while  I  peered  at  the  peculiar  markings  on  the  iris,  which  would give  me  good  clues  of  his  potential strengths   and   weaknesses.   The   difference   from   the   initial   first   visit   to   the   present   was   striking   and   very encouraging.  He,  his  mother  and  playschool  had  all  worked  together  to  limit  his  intake  of  sugar,  fruit  juices,  dairy products  and  bread.  He  had  a  natural  aversion  to  milk  which  helped  to  introduce  him  to  soya  milk  and  other calcium and protein rich foods.

“How are you feeling now?” I wanted to know. He answered me in a voice, strong for a pre-schooler.

“I am fine!” He was very interested in my magnifying glass, aiming it with a solid little boy hand. He inspected the palm  of  his  left  hand  while  he  held  the  magnifying  glass  close  to  his  right  eye,  the  same  way  he  watched  me operating it a few minutes earlier.

“His  sweaty  head  and  feet  are  also  much  improved”  .  His  mother  reported  further  on  his  progress.  She  was nervously  watching  him  hold  the  instrument,  uncertain  if  he  would  handle  it  with  the  necessary  care.  “During  the last few days he has started to have a mucousy cough which came and went during the day. Very different from his cough which brought him here in the first place. What could be causing it?” She had full confidence that this minor regression  would  be  addressed  with  ease  as  she  now  had  the  experience  of  how  well  homoeopathy  worked  on small children in particular.

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