Sleep – the wondrous restorer

“I toss and turn all night long!” Her face was pale, tired, drawn. She looked old beyond her years. The lovely brown eyes, which should be laughing and full of fun, were serious, anxious and bewildered. “I can’t stand another night of not being able to sleep. I can’t even fall asleep at the moment”, she lamented. “As the night approaches I tense up with  apprehension  of  not  being  able  to  sleep.  Don’t  you  have  something  natural  to  help  me?  I  don’t  want  to  take sleeping pills. I’ve tried them once. They worked well, but I always woke up feeling un-refreshed. My mouth had a bitter taste for hours into the day. I am also worried that I would become dependant on them and that I would have to use them for years to come. What about the long-term side effects of taking sleeping pills?”

Her voice trailed off into an expectant silence. Her need was clear. She wanted to sleep. I had to produce a potion which would do it!

Sleep  disturbances  are  very,  very  common.  Daily  I  have  people  telling  me  a  similar  story,  with  their  own  slight variations. A process which should come so easy has now become the focus of many lives because it just does not happen  that  way  any  longer.  Why?  To  sleep  is  a  process.  Just  as  the  body  knows  to  make  ‘wake  up’  chemicals, similarly,  it  is  able  to  product  relaxing  and  ‘going  to  sleep’  chemicals.  The  pineal  gland,  which  is  situated  in  the brain, plays an important part in this process. The pineal gland is sensitive to light, hence it has the ability to “know” which season of the year it is and also what time of day it is. In the winter, when days become shorter, and sunlight poorer, humans have a natural tendency to want to sleep in, finding it difficult to awake at 6 in the morning, to go to work  while  it  is  still  dark.  In  summer  however  at  6am  the  sun  is  up,  with  the  result  that  it  is  difficult  to  keep  on sleeping, even after a late night! The body’s own regulating hormones will be activated by the bright light, resulting in the production of hormones to get up and go!

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