Remember not to forget

The change in season is subtle. The hot days and nights, gradually become warm days, cool nights. Nature never does   anything   overnight.   It   takes   its   time,   doing   a   little   each   day. The pace   of   transformation   and   change progresses in such a way that balance and harmony is not disturbed.

Nature  can  also  be  harsh.  Strong  winds  and  rain,  lightening,  thunder,  excessive  heat  or  cold,  can  be  part  of  its pattern. Then the weakest pay the price, the strongest survive, whether in the plant or animal or human kingdom. This picture can also be said of the human internal organism. Processes happen in every cell at every moment of our lives in the most profound yet subtle way. So we can develop tissue or we can stop growing new bone or cells. Look  at  the  dramatic  changes  happening  in  a  young  child’s  body!  The  body  knows  how  to  develop  and  grow  to become  the  completed  plan  of  the  architectural  drawings  of  the  DNA.  All  of  this  innate  knowledge  is  there  all  the time for the rest of our lives.

The  storms  inside  the  body,  when  viruses  and  bacteria  attack  can  be  fierce  and  scary.  The  weaker  cells  are destroyed, calling on the stronger body systems to supply a defence. Have you ever been really sick and allowed the  body  time  and  rest  to  recover?  Can  you  remember  how  much  stronger  you  became  in  your  body,  mind  and soul in the weeks afterwards? This is what I mean when I liken illness with a storm. When the sun shines again, it is so  much  better  than  you  ever  could  remember  it!  What  is  true,  is  the  fact  that  this  sense  of  wellness  is  usually experienced  provided  the  process  happening  in  the  body  was  not  interfered  with  or  suppressed.  This  is  the strongest argument for the use of natural remedies during illness.

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