Recipe dreams

He was in his late forties. His hair gelled in a funky, spiky style. His casual shirt covered his extra wide girth, lifting ever  so  slightly  in  front.  His  tracksuit  trousers  sat  comfortable  in  a  crease  just  above  his  pubic  bone,  causing  the crotch to hang between his heavy thighs. His face was bright and cheerful. Every so often he would punctuate the end of his sentence by erupting in a very infectious belly laugh.

“I know I must do something about this”, he said with a smile in his eyes, patting his rotund belly with his flat hand. “I used to walk a lot which helps to keep the weight off. Of late I just don’t seem to get into that routine; it does not stop me from enjoying my food! I love to eat. Oooh, lovely sauces and puddings – to die for! Even when I am not eating,  I  am  thinking  of my  next  meal.  I plan whole  dinner  parties  in  my  head. Right  down  to  the  last  detail  of  the table setting. Then I put together the menu, thinking of new recipes to try. Oh! This keeps me busy for hours!” With that he rocks with laughter, his face looking happy and radiant. I was wondering with what he could fill his day if he gave up his obsession with food. It seemed to really make him salivate in anticipation!

“Are you serious about losing some of your weight?” I asked. “Very often people go through the motions of making appointments  and  joining  weight  loss  programmes,  either  to  please  someone  else  or  to  be  able  to  say  that  they have  tried  this  and  that.  Losing  weight  is  a  remake  of  all  your  thoughts,  lifestyle  patterns,  even  friendships.  It requires a new approach to how you live life. Is this what you want?” I was earnest in my approach, having been in this situation many times without having success with the patient.

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