Praise for grace

I did not know that it would be the last time I would be talking to her. She left my office holding her father’s hand, their  relationship  being  one  of  mutual  respect  and  complete  trust.  During  the  consultation  she  sat  quietly  on  the upright chair, glancing at her father asking him to explain or elaborate on an aspect of our conversation which was not clear to her. He would speak to her in the kindest tone of voice I have ever heard from a man. She was not yet 10 years old, with blond hair, shining eyes and rosy cheeks. Her eyes had a troubled look beyond her years. A little furrow grew between her eyes while she spoke to me about her constant headaches.

Previously a change in her diet had helped to control the severity of the attacks. We were looking at other dietary options  and  hoped  that  she  would  benefit.  Her  father  enjoyed  cooking  for  the  family  and  was  therefore  intimately involved in food choices. He was a very gentle man with a reassuring attitude. I felt privileged to be present and to observe their interaction. They left that day, willing to try some new suggestions, full of hope that she would have less pain and be able to indulge more in her love of reading. I remember saying goodbye to her that day, with the moment somehow filed into my memory as she looked directly at me in her response.

I did not hear from them for a few months. Then one day, on my arrival at work, a message to contact her mother was left on my desk. She informed me that the headaches had worsened and that the brain scan indicated a spot. She was asking me about the risks involved with having surgery as that seemed the possible solution. This family understood the value of good nutrition and had been using homoeopathic remedies for some time. The blending of conventional treatments with homoeopathy was the way to go to help this little girl through a very difficult time.

The  date  for  the  surgery  was  set,  leaving  me  with  the  normal  twinge  of  apprehension,  but  I  also  knew  that  the outcome was not to be decided by human minds. We could only do our best to be there for her and her family.

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