On a daily basis I meet with people who have some or other health problem with physical discomfort in their body, prompting  them  to  seek  help.  To  assist  with  the  recovery  of  dysfunctional  organs  and  body  systems,  this  usually requires  dietary  changes,  together  with  specific  homoeopathic  remedies  or  herbal  tinctures,  to  fast  forward  the pace of healing. In many instances nutritional supplements are also required to bring back cellular health especially if  poor  eating  habits  have  been  followed  for  a  while.  Yet,  behind  the  physical  pain  there  always  lies  a  story  so typical of human relationships in this life.

The  body  mind  connection  is  not  a  new  discovery  in  the  healing  world.  The  typical  type-A  male  was  identified many,  many years ago as  the  high achiever  driven  to  succeed  person  who will most  probably  suffer  from a  heart attack  or  a  cardiac  condition  in  his  life.  Recently  a  man  who  recognises  himself  to  be  a  type-A  personality  sat opposite me. No amount of financial success can ever be enough to warrant this type of damage to a vital organ. It will do us good to remember that there are no banks in the hereafter!

Luckily some heart damage can be repaired and further disease can be averted, provided full co-operation is given by  the  patient  to  change  lifestyle  and,  above  all,  mental  and  emotional  attitudes.  In  his  later  years  Prof  Chris Barnard  lamented  the  fact  the  he  advised  so  few  of  his  patients  on  the  use  of  nutritional  supplements.  He  would most  probably  have  helped  thousands  of  people  avoid  surgery  with  the  simple  addition  of  vitamin  E  daily  to  the diet.

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