Only an apple for lunch?

We  got  off  the  train  at  the  Alpine  Station  after  a  long  journey  from  South  Africa.  Our  suitcases  felt  much  heavier than  when  we  left  home,  our  arms  tired  from  the  weight!  Our  mood  was  buoyant  in  anticipation  of  the  few  days ahead. We had been invited to attend the Centenary Celebration of Dr Vogel with 65 other people from all over the world. The venue was chosen carefully to allow us to enjoy the majestic Engadine Mountains, a favourite spot of Dr Vogel. Here in these mountains he loved to walk, while discovering plants which to this day are used in his famous herbal  formulas,  manufactured  by  the  Swiss  Pharmaceutical  company,  Bioforce.  After  a  short  walk,  dragging  our luggage behind us, we booked into our hotel, grateful to find lovely rooms with hot showers!

During  our  stay  at  the  Celerina  Palace  Hotel,  we  met  so  many  people  who  were  all  as  enthusiastic  as  we  were about the life and experiences of Dr Vogel. It felt as if we were constantly in an atmosphere of remembrance of the life  lived  by  this  great  pioneer  of  natural  medicines.  His  vision  and  his  passion  could  be  felt  when  people  related anecdotes  of  when  they  met  him  and  how  he  had  influenced  their  life.  As  the  South  African  guests,  we  felt privileged  to  be  there.  The  affirmation  of  the  benefits  of  his  well-known  remedies  such  as  Echinaforce,  Urticalcin, and  Boldocynara  abounded  in  the  stories  people  were  telling  one  another.  Personally,  I  have  experienced  the healing  qualities  of  his  remedies.  I  have  also  been  part  of  the  development  of  the  awareness,  as  Dr  Vogel  would put it, that nature is good. Many of the people I have had an opportunity to help with health problems have used Dr Vogel’s Bioforce Remedies with good results. The simplicity of his approach is valid to this day. He always insisted that people should follow a good diet of natural foods. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, raw seeds, raw nuts,  a  little  animal  protein,  preferably  white  fish,  fermented  dairy  products,  dried  fruits  as  snacks.  He  believed  in the power of water. Drink it, swim in it, and use it as icepacks or hot water bottles or hot baths. Together with this, regular exercise helps to maintain good circulation, and a tranquil mind. He always encouraged people to live a life of humility and kindness. His generosity was well known to those he encountered. His gift to be able to identify and manufacture  herbal  remedies  which  has  stood  the  test  of  time,  and  which  now,  interestingly,  is  being  clinically proven, is our blessing. His ability to  look beyond the ordinary, and have an imagination, is  wonderfully illustrated by this following story.

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