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So many women on hormonal replacement therapy enquire about alternatives. Why? Most of them suffer drug side effects such as painful breasts, weight gain, water retention, nausea, bloatedness, headaches, to name but a few. Obviously the side effects to the hormonal replacement therapy drugs will prompt them to want natural medication with no side effects. That is one possibility. They confide that they know instinctively that the ongoing use of a drug to elevate their oestrogen level, unnaturally high for their age, just does not feel right. They are caught between the pull  of  the  benefits  of  oestrogen  replacement  and  the  innate  knowledge  that  the  drug  also  has  its  side  effects,  of which  breast  cancer  is  their  greatest  worry.  Women  who  have  not  had  a  hysterectomy  can  also  develop  a thickening  of  the  uterine  wall  with  possibilities  of  malignancy  setting  in  there  as  well.  The  benefits  of  oestrogen therapy  relate  to  prevention  and  treatment  of  osteoporosis,  as  well  as  prevention  from  possible  heart  attacks,  as post-menopausal  women  are  more  susceptible  to  cardiac  disorders.  The  prospect  of  brittle  bones,  ageing  and cardiac  disorders  is  often  the  deciding  factor  in  why  women  will  choose  to  go  onto  the  drug.  Taking  the  drug  for these  purposes  does  not  leave  the  consumer  free  of  the  fear  of  potential  malignancies.  They  go  for  regular checkups to reassure themselves. It is kind of like living with a sword hanging above their heads for many of these regular HRT users.

Why do they keep on using the drug? In most instances the fear of not being on the drug and possibly developing osteoporosis is as great as the fear of developing cancer while on the drug. Depending on their level of trust in the medical system, they believe that all is fine as long as they are assured by the numerous articles in favour of HRT, which regularly appear in magazines or in radio talk shows. It is true that many women feel very well while taking the  drug.  They  are  not  the  ones  who  question  and  look  for  alternatives.  Those  who  are  concerned  with  the  long term side effects keep feeling uneasy and wish there was another way.

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