Just what do we believe?

This morning I was watching an interview on national television. The doctor being interviewed had strong opinions, backed   up   with   logical   arguments.   The   presenter   interviewing   him   was   having   a   difficult   time   finishing   her sentences.

“A  few  days  ago  we  had another  doctor  on  the  show  who  talked  about  the  effects  of  nutrition  ….”  s  he  started  to formulate a statement which would most probably become a question. He broke into her sentence with a loud, “No, nutrition has no effect whatsoever”, in an emphatic way.

“But, this other doctor was saying that our children only ate mealie-meal and not enough ….”, she tried again. “Nonsense!” He broke into her train of thought. “Why would it be that in one home where 4 children live, only one turns out to have a problem?”, he stated in a tone of voice which did not invite questioning. “Nutrition has absolutely nothing to do with a child’s learning problems. It is a left/right brain issue”, he said.

“So, all the information about preservatives and tartrazine is nonsense?” This time she managed to get to the end of her sentence.

“Yes. Absolutely nonsense. False prophets who give information based on wrong critera!” This he enjoyed saying. “Then  what  do  we  believe?”  Her  question  was  most  probably  echoing  millions  of  viewers’  own  response  at  that moment.

The  interview  ended  with  one  feeling  that  each  day  a  different  expert’s  opinion  is  voiced,  which  could  be  totally contradictory to a previous expert, or the next one, causing an avalanche of information, backed by studies done by various institutes of repute, leaving viewers in confusion

Can there be so many variations of the truth? It would seem like it! The consumer is  wooed by proof and talks of success  told  by  satisfied  customers;  very  convincing  tools  in  the  hands  of  marketers.  No  wonder  most  of  us  are confused! Today eating this is fine. Tomorrow some one publishes or broadcasts a story that it will definitely cause you great harm if you eat  what you were told was good yesterday ….! And so the story goes on, and on. Miracle cures  for  whatever  ailment  abounds.  Recommendations  to  use  this  vitamin,  or  that  cosmetic  fly  around  dinner tables  and  while  hair  is  being  cut  and  styled,  everybody  has  a  story  to  tell,  which  perpetuates  the  unrealistic expectations of willing consumers.

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