It is this simple!

“Do these things really work?” he asked pointedly, after spending a good 45 minutes in my office.

“What ‘things’ are you talking about?”, I asked quite exhausted, having to answer this man when his one continued response to everything  I said was,  “Why?”  He had no  clue  as  to the  benefits of  any  natural food,  living  blindly  off the common fare of refined wheat, sugar, dairy and processed foods. His child’s constant illnesses brought him into my office. Trying to explain the necessity of good nutrition was trying my patience at every turn! “I work hard and I need energy”, he responded.

“Will  these  things,  like  supplements,  really  work?  Will  they  give  me  energy?”  asked  the  man  who  lives  off  fizzy drinks, white bread sandwiches and chocolate. I held back my frustration of trying to cram years of knowledge and understanding   into   a   30   minute   consultation,   dealing   with   a   person   who   completely   believes   in   whatever information  is  offered  by  the  advertisers,  and  mistrusts  everything  which  requires  him  to  change.  During  the  45 minutes in my office, he asked more than once, “Then why hasn’t my doctor told me not to give her this or that?” Depending on what type of offending non-denatured food was being discussed, eventually I said, “Look, you have been  given  repeated  antibiotics,  etc.  Now  this  little  girl  has  to  use  daily  doses  of  antihistamines  to  limit  attacks  of post  nasal  drip;  why  do  you  come  here  to  question  everything  I  say?  Go  back  to  whoever  is  treating  her  if  the responsibility  of  feeding  your  child  good  food  is  just  too  much  for  you.  You  want  her  to  eat  like  all  the  other  kids, take the chronic medication to dry her nose because you believe she has allergies from some plant or animal which is causing her problems. I cannot tell you why your doctor thinks differently from me. What I can ask you, is, how well is your child, in spite of all the medication?”

He  could  see  that  enough  was  enough.  Depending  on  how  the  questions  are  posed,  one  can  read  the  intention behind it. This man expected a magic wand which would instantly cure his child with no effort at all from him or his family. His expectations were not met and he was resisting every bit of information with a “Why?”

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