It is not wrong to die

She behaved noticeably different the last two weeks. It was as if she was feeling something change within herself, causing her to move forward in her chair, holding her head in her hands. Asked “What is the matter?”, she would divert  the attention  from her by  being  abrupt.  Three days ago, she  was  taken  to  the doctor  to  see  to a complaint. She  returned  home,  being  restless  and  not  herself.  She  and  her  daughter,  who  had  been  taking  care  of  her  for many years, had discussed the possibility of her going to hospital. She pleaded to be allowed to stay at home.

Early  on  Saturday  morning,  she  asked  for  a  cup  of  tea.  Her  daughter  left  her  for  a  minute  to  put  the  kettle  on,  to return  and  find  her  mother  has  passed  on.  In  spite  of  her  age  and  the  possibility  of  death  being  greater  with  an older person, it came as a huge shock. Can dying be so easy? The one minute here, the next minute gone?

This is most probably one of the most difficult transitions for the human mind to make. From the world of matter to the world of spirit. For the greater part of our human experience, the world of matter and material manifestation is where all our attention and energy goes. We spend an entire lifetime accumulating assets, only to find that after all the effort there are no banks in heaven! You cannot even take a toothbrush with you when you pass from this world to  the  next.  The  mind  pulls  out  all  the  stops  to  convince  you  that  dying  must  be  bad  or  wrong  and  somehow  the allure of this mind reasoning traps many people into fearing death and the hereafter.

What is it that we react to when someone dies? This woman of 84 years affected many lives while she was alive in the material earth world, some more than others. The sudden withdrawal of her physical energy leaves a void. Until sufficient  time  has  passed,  for  those  who  experience  this  void,  to  adjust  to  it  or  to  fill  the  lack  of  her  energy  with their  own,  she  will  be  experienced  as  gone.  This  is  not  true.  She  is  in  another  form,  different  to  the  physical  one which  was  known  for  many  years.  Life  energy  cannot  be  extinguished;  it  transforms.  When  the  belief  in  life  is limited to the physical, death is devastating. The opposite is also true, when death is known to be the final step in the  learning  earth  experience,  continuing  after  death  as  it  also  began  at  birth.  It  is  a  most  liberating  sharing  of another’s life. The words we use to describe death are helpful in finding the clues to our own beliefs of dying. We will  often  say  someone  was  killed  by  accident,  which  implies  that  it  happened  at  the  wrong  time,  and  yet,  many people who die sudden deaths will conclude business, write letters and clean their lives just prior to their dying. It is as  if  they  knew.  People  dying  from  illness  or  old  age  exhibit  similar  behaviour,  often  requesting  to  see  someone they need to make peace with by offering forgiveness, or by asking to be forgiven. It is as  if they knew.

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