Is your life a gas?

“From the one moment to the next the pain comes on. Most of the time I feel it right here above my navel. I double over and find it hard to breathe. What helps most is to lie down whilst I twist my body into the position which stops the  pain.  You  should  see  me  sometimes!  I  can  look  like  a  koeksister  with  my  shoulders  forward  and  my  buttocks twisted  in  the  other  direction.Mostly  I  squeeze  a  pillow  into  my  stomach  and  I  try  to  go  to  sleep.  Usually  when  I wake up, the pain is gone. It seems to be happening more frequently, and that I don’t like! I travel to all destinations in the country to do public speaking for my company and I don’t like the possibility this pain could come on at any time when I am not at home.

She  was  saying  in  a  controlled,  precise  manner.  Only  the  expression  in  her  eyes  betrayed  her  outward  secure manner. She was feeling very anxious and she did not want to show it.

“Fruit seems to bring on attacks more than any other food. Just what could be going on? I’ve never had a problem like this. It has been a few years now since my hysterectomy. Do you think that this could be an after-effect of the operation?” she asked hopefully. She needed to have an explanation, more than a treatment.

She was carefully dressed in matching jacket and tailored pants. Her hands, which were beautifully manicured, had long, delicate and sensitive fingers. Her face was framed by satiny hair, brushed to the side, cut in a boyish style. She spoke in a strong tone of voice, which felt comfortable on the ear. Her hazel green eyes shone with sincerity and passion. She folded her long legs across at the knees, showing a thin ankle and narrow feet in feminine strap sandals. She was poised and looked confident. Just the eyes had a hint of sadness, or anxiety every so often.

“I drink lots of water and I take all my supplements every day.

This terrible pain must go away! I don’t like it!” she pouted in a little-girl way.

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