Inner garden

Her life had changed. The dream she had when she married her husband did not come true. The final divorce court date had been set.

“This is a time in my life which I simply have to get over. I have to let it go. But I don’t know how. The effect it has on  me  is  so  terribly  draining.  I  can  feel  it  in  my  body,  my  mind,  my  spirit.  The  more  I  try,  the  more  I  seem  to  be stuck. I feel such a failure for not being able to put all of this disappointment and sadness and anger behind me. It seems to be present in every moment of my life ….” Her voice trailed into a deep sigh.

The  roundness  of  her  bent  shoulders  gave  a  perfect  picture  of  a  person  who  was  exhausted  by  the  struggle  of emotional pain. Her green eyes, large almond shaped, looked dull and devoid of sparkling life. In spite of her good efforts at “letting go”, she found that just the opposite was happening. Why?

Many  weekend  workshops  are  being  held  in  a  worldwide  effort  to  empower  the  participants.  The  goal  of  self sufficient  lives  lived  in  a  state  of  mind  control  is  very  alluring.  I  see  many  people  who  judge  themselves  harshly because they fail in their attempts to achieve this state of bliss in their earth-life, in spite of all their efforts. Not that effort is ever in vain. To want to grow to be more, not less, and giving this ideal attention in your life, is never time wasted.  However,  life  seems  to  have  a  mind  of  its  own.  No  one  can  predict  or  know  what  the  next  second  could bring. The attempt to control the path of life usually ends in disappointment or disbelief. It is at this point that people move into the mindset of “letting go”, as if any event in life could be less important than the next. I thought it might help her by telling her my story of the inner garden.

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