Healer, heal thyself!

The sudden onset of the symptoms took me by surprise. Out of the blue my nose started to burn, thereafter dry and hot,  head  felt  fuzzy  and  full,  legs  felt  like  jelly,  eyes  heavy  and  hot.  The  flu  virus  is  in  full  swing,  coming  on  when you least need or expect it. My appointment book is fully booked; now what?

It’s not easy to have to disappoint people who have been waiting for weeks to get their half-hour, but I also knew that if I pushed myself to work while fighting this virus, I would not be doing myself, or whoever comes to see me, a favour. I am fortunate to have a good standing in the business, with some people keeping their appointments and spending  time  with  my  replacement.  Others  chose  to  change  their  times,  waiting  to  see  me  once  I  get  back.  Not everyone is understanding! This much is expected. The usual remark – “But she should not be getting ill!”, as if I am some super human creature who will never succumb to illness or death, leaves my staff exasperated. Strange how some people have this unrealistic expectation of one.

“Healer, heal thyself”, is another favourite comment from expectant customers. Just because one has a little more knowledge of healthy living than most, the unrealistic thought follows that one is not allowed to cough, sneeze, be pale,  or  even  visit  another  health  professional  for  oneself  I  remember  the  surprise  on  a  patient’s  face  to  find  me sitting  in  the  local  GPs  office  for  my  annual  pap-smear.  “What  are  you  doing  at  the  doctor?!”  Shock  and  disbelief flashing across her face. To many people their lives are an ‘either/or’ situation. When they use natural medicines or consult homoeopaths, it is seen as a type of self betrayal if you make use of the services of an allopathic western trained doctor!  For  years  there was  little  or  no co-operation  from  the  different  disciplines.  This  is changing.  I  refer many of my patients to allopathic gynaecologists, oncologists, urologists, surgeons, etc.

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