From the inside out

Natural healing through the use of herbs, homoeopathic remedies, changes in diet, exercise, and supplementation sits so easy with the body! It is very rare to find that no benefit is felt after a short time. The Dictum, Do No Harm, is of the first order where natural medicines are concerned. Herbal and homoeopathic remedies assist the body back to  health  by  stimulating  the  response  of  the  body.  It  is  virtually  like  encouraging  the  body’s  own  healing  power  to become strong to defend itself.

One of the greatest benefits of natural remedies is the fact that it is not suppressive to any body function. It will not stop elimination and therefore does not offer quick relief with long term side effects by interfering with the action of cure – from the inside out, from the top to the bottom! Better explained – when a body is infected with, for example, the  measles  virus,  first,  there  will  be  an  internal  fever,  dry  eyes,  dry  cough.  Then,  from  the  inside  out,  there  will appear  a  rash,  which,  as  it  appears  on  the  skin,  the  outside,  so  does  the  fever,  cough,  etc.,  on  the  inside disappears. So, from the inside out – this is the typical way the body knows to heal itself. Then, from the top, to the bottom, or down – the rash from the measles will first appear in the mouth, behind the ears – which is the top of the body. As the rash moves down to the torso and extremities, and finally the feet, it leaves at the bottom of the body. The  direction  of  cure  is  very  important  to  observe  as  it  indicates  that  all  is  going  well.  If  he  rash  was  to  suddenly disappear or stop appearing, that would be the signal that the patient could be heading for secondary problems like pneumonia, for example.

The wisdom of the body can become the chaos of the body when interfered with. Let’s talk about the common cold. At present many, many medicine manufacturers are trying to convince you, the consumer, to get rid of your runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing or disturbed sleep, by taking one of the many potions which are advertised, to whisk away  these  troublesome  symptoms,  leaving  you  free  to  breathe  again,  sleep  again,  never  to  cough  or  sneeze again. When you suffer from a cold or the ‘flu, these much prolonged attacks on your symptoms seem to be most annoying. Who wants to sit with a croaky voice, with a red nose and a pile of wet tissues if at the push of a nose spray, or the swallow of a pill or liquid, it can all just disappear?

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