Failure and fear 

“How can you expect me to stay on this diet?” She had hardly sat down when the complaints started. “I have to tell you  that  I  have  not  been  strict  about  avoiding  sugar  at  all.  I  have  a  very  sweet  tooth.”  The  accusing  tone  in  her voice  had changed  to  one which said,  “Do  not  ask  me  to  comply.”  Her  body  language came across  in  a powerful defensive way; it would be very difficult to talk to her about anything, it seemed.

“Besides the food, how have you been?” I asked.

“Oh! I am always tired. This diet of yours is terrible. I have never felt so flat. When I play sport I find it hard to keep going.” Her eyes flitted from me to the wall above my head.

“Tell me what you are eating, please” , I insisted.

“Well,  if  I  get  a  chance  in  the  morning  I  just  grab  a  cereal,  at  lunchtime  I  have  some  Avo.  Then  at  night  I’ll  try  to have fish. I really can’t stick to this diet any longer.” She kept on repeating.

In the gentlest tone I could muster, I said, “Have you read the recommendations on the diet sheet?” “Of course!” she replied.

“Well, nowhere to my knowledge are you recommended to eat what you are telling me you are eating. No wonder you  are  lacking  energy.  Very  clearly  you  are  encouraged  to  have  oats,  or  mealie-meal,  or  Maltabela  porridge  for breakfast, with honey, unsalted butter and ground raw seeds and raw nuts. Further, you should enjoy a few fruits mid-morning  or  mid-afternoon.  Otherwise,  almonds  and  dates  can  also  be  had  as  a  snack.  RyeVita,  ricecakes, Provita with cottage cheese, tomato and Avo also makes a good mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. All of this is on  the  diet  sheet.  Lunch  and  supper  should  consist  of  fish,  chicken,  lamb,  soya,  brown  rice,  vegetables,  salads, etc.   Nowhere   are   you   recommended   to   have   an   Avo   for   lunch!”   With   this   I   looked   at   her   with   an   obvious incredulous look which said, “If you had listened and had heard, you would not have been so ridiculous to think that you are following a healthy eating plan when you do not even know what is printed on the handout you left with 6 weeks ago!”

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