Ever thought life is more than you can bear?

The idea that every hair on my head could be counted has always fascinated me! Having a haircut and seeing how many bits of hair come falling down onto my face, tickling my nose, reminded me of this promise. I closed my eyes, to avoid hair falling into them, and imagined the depth and magnitude of this promise. In my mind’s eye I picked up a handful of the hair lying on my chest and legs  and started to count the pieces, one by one. Inwardly I smiled at the realisation that only divine beings would be able to do a good job of counting the fine hairs! I sat, eyes closed, listening  to  the  snip-snip  of  the  scissors,  cutting  away  at  the  full  head  of  hair,  feeling  the  soft  touch  of  the  falling strands  as  they  fell  down  to  the  ground.  A  warm  feeling  of  safeness  spread  through  my  chest,  reaching  my  face, arms,  fingers,  legs  and  toes.  To  think  that  every  hair  on  my  head  is  known  to  God!  His  promise  that  as He takes care of the lilies of the field and the birds in the sky, so will He take care of us, even by knowing how many hairs you have on your head! The intimacy of this declaration is staggering.

As we move in time towards the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the air around us takes on a different feel. Christmas  has  become  another  word  for  families  getting  together,  or  families  preferring  not  to  see  each  other  as the  outcome  of  a  year  of  strife  and  differences.  Unhappy  relationships  reach  peaks  of  unresolved  conflict  at  this time of the year. Suicides increase, alcoholic consumption grows, drugging socially and prescription drug use is all around us, all reflecting the deep levels of human despair at a time when the focus should be on the birth of a baby who would grow up to change the world.

December is holiday time, going away from home … meeting new people, spending money, racing along freeways, shuffling  through  packed  shopping  malls  –  Time!  The  smell  of  suntan  lotion,  braaivleis  fires,  children  roaming  the streets, freed from school routine, says the year is coming to an end.

Few of us can avoid being caught up in the spirit of this time. Just about every person who leaves my office wishes me a blessed Christmas and wants to know if I am going away. The little personal touch which emerges at this time is very special. When do people ever bother to wish one another a happy blessed day any other time of the year? Just imagine how different our interaction could be if we continued this practice by wishing one another, even those we don’t particularly like, to have a blessed day. It is very  difficult to stay angry or distanced from another person when you bless them!

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