Eat your broccoli!

When I first became interested in the study of natural medicines, I was baffled by the gap in the armour of nature’s cures  regarding  a  natural  pain  reliever.  How  is  it  possible  that  nature  omitted  to  give  us  a  substance  which  could reduce pain while healing took place? I often thought. It just didn’t seem right. Within the pharmacy of nature, help abounds.  There  are  plants  which  act  as  antibiotics,  such  as  Echinacea  and  Golden  Seal,  to  name  but  two.  In homoeopathy we know of the fast action on pus and infections by using Hepar Sulph and Gunpowder. Pyrogen is another big gun in the army of natural healers to rid the body of violent infections, even as bad as septicaemia and gangrene.  Anti-inflammatory  helpers  can  be  found  in  Ferrum  Phos,  Belladonna  and  Apis  Mellifilica.  You  can virtually see how the inflammation disappears within hours of giving the correct similar remedy.

We  know  and  use  plant  extracts  to  eliminate  mucous  from  the  lungs  and  sinuses  like  Kali  Bich,  Helpar  Sulph, Hydrastis  and  Pulsatilla.  Discharges  from  the  body  are  never  suppressed  in  natural  therapy.  This  cleansing process  is  always  encouraged  to  clear  toxins  from  the  system.  In  fact  when  discharges  set  in,  in  the  course  of  a treatment, I always feel very relieved as I know the condition is now leaving the body, in a manner of speaking, to bring a complete resolution without the possibility of a recurrence in a few weeks; as you often see when mucous-linings have been “dried up” by conventional drugs.

Fevers are not an issue to the experienced prescriber. The fact that a good fever is appreciated in the development and  resolving  of  an  illness,  is  acknowledged  by  practitioners  of  natural  medicine.  A  fever  is  a  friend,  not  a  foe. However,  fevers  can  present  dangerous  brain  reactions  in  small  babies  and  should  therefore  be  treated  by  a professional  person,  or,  the  parents  need  to  be  well-informed  and  guided  by  a  homoeopath  or  naturopath.  The Belladonna fever can be quite violent with starry wide pupils, shiny eyes, face flushed and red, with no thirst, which is   odd   when   a   person   is   burning   with   fever.   Very   often   the   patient   talks   rapidly,   seeing   spiders   and   other hallucinations.   Only   when   you   have   been   in   this   situation,   with   Belladonna   in   a   homoeopathic   potency   to administer,  can  you  truly  speak  of  the  rapid  action  of  these  tiny  little  white  pills!  There  are  many  other  remedies which are used with excellent results to assist the body at times of need when fighting a viral or bacterial invader which requires the body temperature to rise. Aconite, Chamomilla, Gelserium and Ferrum Phos, are all known fever remedies, invaluable in the hands of the prescriber. So I can go on to mention the full defence offered by nature through her plants, minerals and animals. Then I was introduced to the work done by a man in America!

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