Do you know when it is right for you?

This was her third visit. She had come to me 4 months ago with various complaints relating to her menopause. At that time she was taking her hormonal supplement daily as prescribed by her gynaecologist. As she sat down, she winced  with  pain.  She  straightened  her  legs  painfully,  trying  to  become  a  little  more  comfortable.  She  had  long, blonde hair, which was well cared for. Her blue–blue eyes looked at me with a friendly expression of trust.

“What is wrong with your legs?” I wanted to know.

“I have had my second operation to remove varicose veins”, she answered.

“The  insides  of  my  thighs  are  very  painful.  I  have  been  back  to  the  vascular  surgeon  for  a  check-up;  he  is  of  the opinion that I am a slow healer. He says there is nothing more to do than wait. I find I don’t sleep because of the constant pain.  I  was wondering if  you could give  me something natural  to help me  to sleep.”  She talked  in  a soft, warm voice, with a kind expression in her eyes.

Strange, I thought, people always want a solution for the pain or the sleep. They don’t stop to ask what is causing the  discontent.  She  did  ask  her  surgeon,  and  was  sent  away  with  a  response  of  ‘wait  and  see’.  Now,  instead  of looking  into  the  cause,  she  accepts  his  answer,  wanting  something  for  sleeping  only.  The  fact  that  he  responded the way he did does not mean that it is true. People still do not question enough, I thought.

“How long have you been on your hormone replacement?” I wanted to know.

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