Blessings come in many ways

Many years ago, when I first started to advise people on how to improve their health, I realised that most of them wanted  to  have  some  guarantee  that  they  could  expect  a  result  from  their  efforts.  I  came  across  a  proverb  which summed up the state of mind most people find themselves in.

To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable. But to be certain is to be ridiculous.

Most people find the uncertainties in life unbearable. They are constantly asking for some assurance to feel a little more secure in the choices they do or do not make. Very often they will want to know that their proposed treatment will be effective, even before they start! To guarantee any outcome is impossible. If often ask of them, “Tell me, can you be sure that you will sleep in your bed tonight?” This question makes you realise that even what you assume to be  the  obvious  might  never  be.  Many  years  ago,  I  was  privileged  to  meet  a  wise  man.  He  told  me  the  following story to help me understand that things are never as they seem to be.

Once  there  was  a  man  who  lived  with  his  son  in  a  remote  part  of  the  country.  Together  they  worked  the  land  to make a living. The father was dependant on his son as he was strong. One day, the father heard his son call to him excitedly. He opened the door to find his son standing in the hot sun, holding the reins of a white stallion.

“Look Father! I found this horse wandering in the bush. I managed to catch him and bring him to you. How lucky we are! This horse will help us to plough the land and plant a lot of seed. Father! This is our luckiest day!” The son was very excited and happy.

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