Bio-strath, a wonderful plant tonic 

It was 1 April 1985. I was being admitted to a city hospital for a kidney repair operation. I had known for many years that something was wrong, but only took action after my 5th child was born. All the pregnancies had taken their toll on my body and I had to do something to keep going with a houseful of children needing care. During that time, I was introduced to a homoeopath who did wonders with trace elements. She was a believer in good nutrition, leading to good health. My kidney disorder was not an illness as such, but a deformed   and   misplaced   organ,   which   was   struggling   to   function   optimally.   My   supportive   homoeopath   had introduced  me,  4  years  prior,  to  the  benefits  of  simple  foods.  Tissue  salts  and  regular  supplementation  of  trace elements. When I phoned her to tell her that the date and time had been set for the operation, she promised to visit me  in  hospital  with  a  few  of  her  trusted  remedies  at  hand.  And  so  she  did.  The  operation  went  off  well.  The  only hitch was the hospital food offered to a kidney patient! Eggs and bacon, macaroni and cheese, tea and coffee, and biscuits! I refused to touch any of these meals, insisting the hospital nutritionist should pay me a visit to sort out the food  issue.  She  came,  but  the  food  which  arrived  stayed  just  the  same!  The  only  extra  was  bowls  and  bowls  of water melon. To this day I find the look of a water melon difficult to bear!

My homoeopath arrived daily to help. She saw a bottle of tonic, prescribed by the urologist for this difficult patient, on my side table which had been placed there by the sister with instructions to take 1 teaspoon three times daily. On reading the label, my homoeopath was horrified to find that the preparation contained extracts of animal organs! As  a  homoeopath  and  vegetarian,  she  said  emphatically.  “Do  not  take  any  of  this!  I  will  bring  you  a  tonic  that  is suitable for your needs ….” With that she walked out briskly, hair blowing backwards by the motion. And so she did. Bio-Strath, a herbal yeast plant food was brought and opened with a flourish, as only she could. “Now this is what will get you back on your feet!” she stated triumphantly.

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