Avoid illness as your teacher

“I  met  this  guy  who  looked  great!  He  showed  me  a  wonderful  book  about  food  and  exercise.  Apparently  it  takes only 3 months for you to knock your body back into shape on this programme.” He was telling me about his new- found passion, coffee evident on his breath. I sat back a little, so as not to offend him, trying to avoid his breath. I can’t stand the smell of coffee on people’s breath!

“What do you think?” he asked eagerly, leaning forward to touch my arm.

“Oh,  dear!”  I  thought  silently,  trying  to  get  out  of  olfactory  range,  “This  man  enjoys  sitting  close.  Start  talking  and explaining,  and  make  the  conversation  one-sided  while  the  coffee  smells  disappears  ….”,  or  something  like  that went on in my mind, I think …..

“You  see,  even  if  you  were  to  change  just  one  aspect  of  what  people  do,  or  don’t  do,  on  a  daily  basis,  you  will change their health. For example, suppose in an office environment the coffee machine, the tea pot and sugar was replaced  by  a  water  dispenser  and  the staff  all  drank  between  2-3  litres  of  water  per  day.  Just  by  doing  that,  you could  help  to  reduce  body  acidity  which  leads  to  gout,  headaches,  bloated  stomachs,  water  retention,  etc.”  I stopped  to  catch  my  breath.  He  sat  very  close,  breathing  through  his  nose  now,  with  just  the  slightest  whiff  of  a coffee breath drifting my way. “Then, supposing you were to offer the workers a place to sit and relax for, say 30 minutes in the middle of the day. A room full of sunlight, relaxing music playing, and you serve them a very simple lunch of baked potatoes, baked pumpkin, green salad and a little grilled fish or chicken.

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