Avo thoughts

I was having one of my favourite meals. Hot toasted bread with Avocado slices! When I had cut the fruit in half, I stopped  to  admire  the  delicate  colour,  pale,  rich  buttery  yellow,  running  into  the  most  delightful  shade  of  green against the skin. The deep brown of the seed, covered in a delicate, furry cream membrane, all blended together to delight the senses. Truly the fruit of the Gods, I thought. The abundance of this rich energy food at winter time is a wonderful reminder of nature’s hints as to what our bodies need to be sustained in cold weather. Cold weather and salads do not go together!

Driving home at night, the sun had gone to sleep with no comforting rays to welcome you home after a long day at work. At 5pm everyone drives with their headlights on, hoping to find a warm welcome at home and a warm plate of food. As you come in the front door, the typical noise of a busy home welcomes you, and then there is the aroma of hot  soup  to  meet  your  hunger!  How  privileged  we  are  if  this  is  the  culmination  of  a  working  day.  Many  people  go home to an empty space, cold, dark, quiet. They switch on the radio or TV, just for some noise and company, pick up the phone and order pizza. This is if they are even this fortunate to afford take-away. For others, going home is a difficult time. Little or no food, or warmth with many mouths needing to be fed. Often when I am driving home, a single part of a moving exodus of working people, each one turning off at their own exit, going into their own gate, ending in their own home, or flat, or room, I marvel at the ebb and flow of earthlife.  ack and forth the human chain goes,  work,  home,  for  many  years,  and  then  suddenly,  one  day,  it  can  change,  just  like  that.  What  felt  so permanent, is very transient. Like the seasons, change is all about us. Within each phase entered, lies the potential of finding a beautiful fruit of that season! To be able and stop and know the change, see the fruit, smell it and enjoy it, that is our blessing as humans. We can ponder and think, if we want to!

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