Anyone for coffee?

The 2nd and 3rd day at the hydro is quiet! Nobody feels like having conversations or moving around unnecessarily! Why? Withdrawal of caffeine sets in about 36 hours after the last cup of coffee or tea. If anyone has ever doubted caffeine is a drug of note, just try going without and see the effect it has on the nervous system primarily, but also on the circulatory system. A pounding headache sets in with blurred vision, nausea, coated tongue, restless sleep and  the  feeling  of  trembling  in  the  limbs  with  leaded  feet!  You  think  I  am  talking  nonsense?  The  experience  of caffeine  withdrawal  can  be  as  potent  as  symptoms  caused  by  other  drug  withdrawals.  The  body  feels  decidedly poisoned and toxic as the days wear on at an agonising pace of headaches, lethargy and nausea.

Coffee  and  tea  drinking  have  become  so  common  in  daily  life,  we  forget  or  have  never  been  made  aware  of  the effects of caffeine.

Nothing  gets  your  day  started  quite  like  a  cup  of  tea  or  coffee.  Your  eyes  suddenly  open  wide,  your  speech becomes faster, you can think easier, you feel enthusiastic and feel full of energy. Actually, you can feel on top of the  world!  Such  is  the  wondrous  effect  of  the  aromatic  brown  liquid  we  wash  down  our  throats  with  sugar,  milk, honey  or  cream.  Getting  up  has  the  promise  of  the  first  cup  accompanied  by  the  familiar  sounds  of  kettle  boiling, cups rattling, tinkling spoons as the ritual begins. The comfort of it all is the most alluring!

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