Actions and consequences

Her face, wet with tears of fear and self pity, was distorted as she tried to get a grip on her emotions.

“It was not even as if we had sex all the time. Maybe a few times. Oh, I don’t know! I thought that he was OK. He looked  like  such a  great  guy.  We  had  been  friends  for  a  long  time  when,  you know  how  it  is,  one  thing  led  to  the next, and we had sex. It wasn’t as if we were serious about each other; it happened .” She had quietened down a little  as  she  reflected  on  the  course  of  her  actions  which  brought  this  consequence.  Her  brown  eyes  suddenly welled up, tears spilling down her face. “These things are so painful! Every time I have to pass urine the open parts on  the  skin  burns!”  She  covered  her  face  with  both  her  hands,  sobbing  noisily  while  her  hair,  long  and  shiny,  fell forward and obscured the rest of her face. “Oh! What am I going to do!?” She threw her head back, clenched her teeth  and  punched  the  air  with  her  fist.  She  was  experiencing  deep  trauma,  swinging  from  fear,  to  self  pity,  to anger.

“It is not as if I am promiscuous, you know”, she glared at me from under her forward-handing hair, as if I was her accuser. “This just sort of happened”, she said quietly, more to herself.

“Will  I  have  this  forever?  Help  me!  How  can  I  make  sure  that  they  will  not  reappear  like  it  has  been  happening during  the  past  few  months?  It  seems  like  this  eruption  has  a  cycle.  Just  before  or  just  after  my  period  it  usually comes back.” , she said in a controlled tone of voice. She felt a little better about the situation if she could give me clues. Just maybe there will be a magical cure and all of this nightmare will just disappear, was the unspoken hope in her eyes while she explained the clinical picture of her problem.

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