A story of courage

The worried look on the mother’s face while she told of her son’s head injuries grabbed my attention. Her husband stood tall and slim, casually dressed behind her, nodding affirmatively from time to time. Both looked worn-out after months of watching their 18 year old son lying in a coma after a car accident. The Neurosurgeon had told them that their  son  would  probably  never  regain  consciousness.  They  would  not  accept  that  he  would  continue  life,  lying unseeing and unhearing on a hospital bed in a ward with other similar cases. They were relentless in their effort to break  through  the  barrier  of  his  mind.  Their  attempts  to  reach  him  were  medically  unfounded,  according  to  the neurologist.  “Leave  him  here.  He  is  well  cared  for.  You  can  visit  him  whenever  you  want  to.  Carry  on  with  your lives.”

The well-meant advice fell on deaf ears as the family members continued their bedside vigilance, talking to the still figure in the bed. At other times he would be thrashing about, rolling his eyes and making strange guttural sounds. This, his mother found extremely upsetting. Sobbing, she told me how he used to live life to the full, speaking in the typical Cape dialect of her people. “He was on his way home from a party with two friends when he fell asleep in the  back  of  the  car.  The  driver  collided  with  a  stray  animal,  overturning  the  car.  One  friend  was  killed;  the  other escaped injury. He is a good boy. He was going to go to a technical school to learn a trade, like his father. Is there anything you can do?”

Her  pleas  touched  me  deeply.  “Yes,  homoeopathy  is  particularly  good  to  treat  head  injuries.  I  will  give  you  some pills and will tell you how to administer it. The treatment will be very specific and you must make sure that he gets the  pills  at  the  right  time.”  She  said:  “I  promise  I  will  do  everything  you  tell  me  to  do.”  I  knew  she  would  comply 100%. While I was preparing the different remedies, a warm glow of thankfulness overcame me while looking at the pillules  and  the  healing  power  they  potentially  held.  I  felt  grateful  to  have  met  people  who  introduced  me  to  the concepts and practical application of homoeopathy; people who could communicate without mystifying the therapy. Homoeopathy  used  on  a day-to-day  basis,  heals  and changes people’s  lives.  It  is  a proven  and  accepted  form  of medication for millions of people the world over.

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