A little juice, a little TLC

The necessity  for  good nutrition came home  to me the  other  day when  I  had  the  privilege of  assisting  an 80  year old lady back to health. She had to have a drastic pelvic operation at her advanced age which left her most unwell. Somehow her digestive system took the brunt of the shock. She was burping constantly. This violent release of air kept her awake at night as well. She was reluctant to eat or drink, fearing it would bring on a renewed attack. The antacids she was prescribed helped a little.

She was frail in a way that wanted you to protect her. She had beautiful long hair, rolled into an intricate bun which was held in place with attractive feminine hairclips. She was dressed in picture book granny crocheted tops over a soft dress in a floral print. Her eyes had a look of steel in their blue. She spoke in an attractive manner, giving her symptoms  herself,  not  depending  on  her  daughter  to  do  so.  They  always  came  together.  The  likeness  between them was obvious. The respect they shared for each other was audible.

Due to all the fermentation the old lady’s body was nowhere as nourished as one would have wanted to see. This she  felt  in  a  tiredness  she  had  not  known  before.  Her  loss  of  weight  was  of  great  concern  to  her.  “Look  at  my hands, they are just bone!” She held two small, well groomed, 80-something hands in my direction. The skin was wrinkled, the finger joints a little large.

I reached out and held them in mine – “Do not worry! All will be well”, I said as I gave them a gentle squeeze. Her faint blue eyes lit up instantly. “So, what do you think you should do to help me?” she shot back at me. She had spirit! The greatest requirement to accomplish healing!

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