A defining moment in my life

We  stood  on  the  veranda,  waiting  for  someone  to  open  the  front  door.  The  whole  house  was  built  from  a  light- coloured  timber,  neatly  finished  at  every  joint.  The  front  door  consisted  of  panels  carved  from  the  same  wood, depicting scenes from the mountains around us. It was mid-morning, with a little coolness in the September air. The door opened. He stood there, with a welcoming smile on his wise face. I caught my breath, as I found it unexpected to see him so suddenly. He shook our hand, welcoming us into his home. His bright blue eyes twinkled and shone. In  a  soft  Swiss-accented  voice,  lightly  rolling  his  R’s,  he  escorted  us  into  his  lounge.  The  home  was  furnished immaculately, every piece of furniture carefully selected and placed. He made sure we were comfortable when he went to call his wife.

I leant over and said in a quiet voice to my companion, who had driven us to Basl to see Dr Vogel. “He is how old?” “Ninety one”, my friend said.

I caught my daughter’s eye, both of us marvelling at the moment we had been waiting for, for years. We both had read every word written by this remarkable natural healer, hoping that one day we would meet him, and now, here we are. She was dabbing her eyes, overcome with the moment.

“Ninety one! He does not look a day older than 60 – 65!” I said.

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